Hand Corn Thresher
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Hand Corn Thresher

  • 5TY
  • Made In P.R.C
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  • 5TY
  • 1
  • T/T
Hand corn thresher is a small kind of machine for threshing maize; it features on simple structure, high rate of threshing, and easy to use and maintained. It is reliable and safe. Because hand corn thresher is not controlled by the power, so it is more convenient in using. Hand maize thresher is much more suitable for the needs of small farm’s corn thresher, no need of power like diesel or electricity.
Hand maize thresher operated by hand, electric or diesel motor.
Can operated by children and women.
Reliable, safety and convenient.
Model unit 5TY-1
Efficiency kg/h 40~60
Threshing rate % ≥98
Breakage rate % ≤2
Total weight kg 7.5
Mini order sets 50

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