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Tractor Subsoiler

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This subsoiler is automatic agricultural machinery with various functions. Made up of frame, pole, plow share, soil separating board, leading bogie and strengthening tie bar. It can be installed on the left beam between the front and rear wheel. With adjustable ridge distance, automatic plow share and controllable depth; applicable for deep loosening of land and breaking up clods, matchable with seeding machine; with small turning radius, especially suitable for slope. Save fuel and labor; with good economic returns, suitable for promotion. 

This subsoiler is a tractor mounted cultivator.
The max working depth could be 25cm, and the working width could be adjusted to meet the different soil condition.
This subsoiler could fit the seeder on the tractor to finish the cultivating and seeding work together.
model unit HS3S-3
Working width mm 1800
Working depth mm 100-250
Nos of tine   3
Total weight kg 190
Matched power hp 25-30
Linkages   3 point mounted

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