Hedgehog Cultivator Weeding Potato
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Hedgehog Cultivator Weeding Potato

  • 3Z
  • Made In P.R.C.
  • Standard Export Packages
  • One Set
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  • T/T
3Z cultivator is suitable for cultivating corn, cotton, soybean, sugar beet, etc. It can perform cultivating, ditching, riding, deep loosing, etc. The rotary cultivator can break the harden soil, loose soil, and keep the underground water of soil, and clean the stubble of crop. This cultivating machine is rational structure. It is safe, durable, and high efficiency.
It is a tractor mounted cultivator.
The working depth of this farm cultivator could be adjustable.
The plow tip could be selectable for your need.

Model Unit 3Z-2T 3Z-3T 3Z-4T 3Z-5T
Working width mm 1100 1900 2900 3700
Working depth mm 100-200
No.of tines   2 3 4 5
Total weight kg 100 140 190 220
Matched power hp 18 20-30 40-50 70-80

Hedgehog Cultivator Weeding Potato Russia


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