Agricultural Machinery S Tine Cultivator for Tractor
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Agricultural Machinery S Tine Cultivator for Tractor


Agricultural machinery S tine Cultivator for tractor
3ZS spring tooth cultivator is one of the simplest and most useful cultivation and tillage tools you can own. It loosens the soil for quick and easy surface cultivation to easily prepare a seed bed for planting. The S-shaped tine spacing on the tool bar is adjustable to allow you to align the cultivator tines with your crop row spacing, the S-shaped tine could be adjustable conveniently according to the row spacing. The roller with saw tooth at behind could do soil break up and smooth.

型号 Model Unit 3ZS-1.8T 3ZS-2.1T 3ZS-2.4T
工作宽度 Working width mm 1800 2100 2400
工作深度 Working depth mm                                  100-250
弹齿行数 Tine rows                                     3 rows
齿数  No.of tines   16 19 22
整机重量  Total weight Kg 230 280 340
配套动力  Matched tractor power Hp more than 30hp more than 40hp  more than 50hp
挂接方式  Linkage       II类三点悬挂 Three-point suspension Cat.II


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