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Bed Shapers

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Bed shapers with shaping disks form new beds from flat ground. One-pass "quick" bedding is conventional in easy-working soils. First prepare soil to seedbed condition with conventional tillage equipment. One-pass bedding can be done equally well in many soil types provided soil is tilled equally well.
Here are bed shapers everyone can use. Needed tractor power primarily depends on bed height. All models are heavy-built for their Horsepower rating.
Along with rugged, versatile, user-friendly equipment, we provide know-how to allow growers in all regions to take advantage of raised beds to grow better crops. Bed Shapers intelligently adapt to the local environment, local soil types and local tillage practices
Adapt bed shaping to local soils appropriate field management. Bed shapers can do it all.
Models for all growers, practical and power friendly.
Toolbar frame ideal for rugged strength and versatility.
Adaptable to local tillage practices.
Superior shaping & firming action Friendly in fields with stones.
Comprehensive surface drainage and moisture control solutions.

Model Unit 3MQL-1220
Bed height mm 125-240
Bed length mm 1200-2000
Total weight kg 410
Matched power hp 50-100
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