Wheat and Corn Multi Planter
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Wheat and Corn Multi Planter

  • 2BXYF
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This series of wheat and corn dysfunctional seeder can be mounted with 12- 70hp tractor. It is applicable to sow the wheat and corn in the plains and hilly areas, sowing corn in stubble of wheat straw in no-till farming field after harvesting the wheat and seeding wheat in autumn. This wheat and corn seeder has advantages of favorable universality, wide range of application, even seeding and so on.
This seeder is suitable for seeding the corn ans wheat in different season. 
It is mounted for 25-50hp tractor in 3-point pitch.
Seeding uniformity.
Model Unit 2BXYF-9/3 2BXYF-12/4 2BXYF-16/5
Working depth mm 30-80
 No., of seeding row   9 rows for wheat,
3 rows for corn
12 rows for wheat,
4 rows for corn
16 rows for wheat,
5 rows for corn
 Row spacing for wheat mm 130-160
Row spacing for corn mm 450-600
Matched power hp 20-30 30-50 50-60
Total weight kg 160 210 290
Linkage   Three-point suspension


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