Farm tractor trailer double axle trailer hydraulic tipper trailer
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Farm tractor trailer double axle trailer hydraulic tipper trailer

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This kind of double axle farm trailer Yucheng Hengshing Machinery (YCHS) manufactured is used for 25-120hp 4-wheels tractor, Applicable for transporting various bulk cargoes in plains, mountains, wetlands, knap, rural area and highway ,with the feature of solid structure; beautiful, safe, reliable, durable. The tractor trailer is included in two type: dumping trailer and not dumping trailer.

All side boards of 4-wheels trailer remove easily. 
Hydraulic tipping system to drop side and rear drop. 
Double axle trailer for tractor. 25-120hp. 
Max. load capacity – 10tons 
With trailer lights. 

Model Unit 7CX-3 7CX-4 7CX-5 7CX-6 7CX-7 7CX-8 7CX-9 7CX-10
Loading weight kg 3000 4000 5000 6000 7000 8000 9000 10000
Box size m 3.4*1.8*0.5 3.4*1.9*0.5 3.6*1.9*0.5 3.8*2*0.5 4*2*0.5 4.3*2*0.5 4.7*2*0.5 5.2*2*0.5
Tyre /Q’ty   7.50-16/4 7.50-16/4 8.25-16/4 8.25-16/4 9.00-20/4 9.00-20/4 9.00-20/4 9.00-20/4
Total weight kg 1270 1350 1750 1870 1980 2200 2500 3100
Brake    Air brake
Matched power hp 30 40 50 60 70 80 80-100 90-120
Linkage   Trailed
The items selectable   Tipping single action oil cylinder,oil connection in 1/2” thread,gas connection M20*1.5 


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